What the Pet Shops Will Not Tell You About Betta Fish Care?

Betta fish are definitely a pleasant fish whether you put them in an aquarium or a bowl. Most pet shops possess a wide variety of these fishes in different colors. The question is do you know how to care for bettas? Are there any special needs for betta fish? This article will attempt to provide some answers to this question.

Betta fish care starts with water quality

Betta fish are freshwater fishes that will thrive in temperature from 24 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius. Although betta fish is a robust fish it is wise to keep an eye on the water to make sure that it is of optimal quality. Pet shops often claim that bettas will be able to live in small space because this is the way they live in the nature. Although this is true you will notice that nature has its own ways of doing things.
Keeping a betta in a bowl will mean that you should always on your guard concerning the water quality as waste materials will quickly degrade water quality. If you have a community aquarium at home you can use it without problem to keep one single male betta fish in it- This has the advantage of providing top water quality for your fish.

Aquarium size

Size of bowl or aquarium is not that important for bettas but if you can provide them with some space it should be better when it comes to swimming. Indeed size of aquarium will only make the difference between an active fish and a fish at a standstill.

The food

When it comes to food bettas are not very fussy. They will eat whatever you give them but as said before it will have a consequence on water quality. It is therefore advised to go for pellets food instead. Excess food should however be removed from the water These pellets will only dissolved in the water and degrade the water quality.

Betta fish is a great fish to keep at home. It is especially suited to children or novices that want to try their hands at fish keeping. Bettas in truth does not have any special requirements thus making it easy for beginners to keep it.