Starting a Tropical Freshwater Fish Aquarium, and Pet Shop Assistants

Hopefully you realize the utter importance of research prior to starting a tropical freshwater fish aquarium. No research means no success so it is mandatory, and while the internet and book research is the obvious place to start, don’t under estimate the pet shop assistants. They know quite a bit more than you might think.

When folks first get the idea that a fish aquarium may be just the sort of hobby they were looking for they usually haven’t thought about how exactly to make a start and what maintenance is involved throughout the life of the fish. The internet and books are indeed the first place most of us would carry out our research, myself included, but lots of folk have this idea that pet shop assistants don’t know that much at all.

Folks, let me tell you, that just isn’t true. The owners of most businesses want their customers properly informed of all products, maintenance and best practice. You’ll notice in a lot of pet stores that fish tanks normally take up all the wall space, in other words there are lots of them. Why? Because they’re very popular.

Now that being the case, the assistants need to know the ins and outs of how to start a freshwater fish aquarium and how to then maintain that aquarium You’ll be very surprised at how much knowledge they have and therefore how they can be a huge advantage to making your new hobby a success for life.

So listen up folks. Use the internet, books and magazines as most, if not all of us do, but don’t forget the pet shop assistants. By the way I am not one, but I do have lots of praise for their knowledge in the hobby of starting a freshwater fish aquarium and keeping it for life. Don’t be afraid to approach them for help that’s what they’re there for. So go on, use the internet and books but get that person to person information as well. You won’t go far wrong that’s for sure.