Pet Shop Insurance

Let’s be frank – insurance isn’t always the most interesting of subjects to talk and think about. Yet if you have a pet shop, without appropriate pet shop insurance, you may be running the risk of your business being wiped-out in a moment due to bad luck.

Once a disaster has struck is not usually the best time to start thinking about whether or not you need insurance, so a few minutes invested in advance is often highly advisable.

Risk – always present

So, why do you need insurance for a pet shop? You may feel that you and your business are immune from bad luck and that feeling may last – right up until your luck changes and a problem arises. The problem is that your business involves a potent mixture of risk elements. You have:

  • a business premises and customers or members of the public that use it;
  • possibly animals of various forms on the premises;
  • possibly employees or helpers;
  • perhaps equipment such as PCs and heaters;
  • stock and equipment.

People can fall or be otherwise injured. Natural disasters can strike at any time and your employees (in legal terms this may even include unpaid helpers that are not on a formal contract of employment) may sue you for compensation if they are injured while carrying out tasks at your request.

The effects

If you suffer a natural disaster to your premises (the external buildings may need separate cover) then the costs of replacement equipment etc may be very high. Similarly, if you are sued a court may well award very high levels of damages to the injured party.

In both cases, you’ll need to dig deep into your own finances to pay unless you have pet shop insurance in place to help.

The solutions

There are various business insurance policies that can be packaged together to provide you with the protection level you think most appropriate. These may include:

· public liability insurance;

· employers’ liability insurance;

· stock and equipment insurance.

The costs

The cost of pet shop insurance will vary depending upon the cover you select. Typically it will be possible to construct a package to meet your protection needs and within a budget that is affordable for you.