Are Pet Shop Owners Concerned About Animal Welfare?

Pet shop owners are forever on the lookout for more novel ways with which to make money. Because, in the end, they are only running a business and thus are not too concerned about imparting education to their buyers they just want more money, nine times out of ten. This is an unfortunate fact of life and so when you next go to a pet store for purchasing a pet, you should keep in mind that more often than not the pet shop owners will be interested only in getting your money. This will not be as concerned about teaching you about the best way to care for the pets that you are buying.

Thus, you should be aware that almost any other source for purchasing or obtaining a pet than a pet store would be a better choice. This is because though the pet shop owners will have done their best to decorate their stores windows with the most attractive looking items, more often than not the pets they are selling will have been sourced from puppy mills and thus will not be very well bred or reared.

The sad truth is that it is normal for them to not pay enough attention with regard to the welfare of the pets in their care, and so, these pets can easily become sick and also have welfare problems that will then be passed on to unsuspecting customers. In fact, this is evident when one considers that there are numerous instances of sick as well as neglected animals and even those in psychological distress being sold across the nation in many pet stores that in any case do not always have the best facilities to care for and house their wards.

What is more, because of the retail nature of these stores, the pets being sold are treated more as commodities than loving animals and to realize profits from their sales, pet shop owners are hardly likely to consider the finer points of caring for these animals, and may not even be willing to spend money on providing things such as veterinary care for their animals. As a matter of fact, in reality pet shop retailers are always being torn between conflicting responsibilities that include choosing between making profits and taking proper care of their animals.

Thus, when the pet shop owners have to choose between lower revenue and taking proper care of the animals in their care, it is very likely that the financial concerns will prove to be the overriding concern, and the only winner in such instances will be the bottom lines.

It is up to people that buy pets to ensure that they are satisfied that the pet store owners from whom they are considering obtaining their pets are sure that the pets are not treated just as merchandise to be sold for a profit, and in fact have been properly taken care of otherwise it is much better to avoid these stores and look for a decent breeder from whom to obtain your pet.

Banners Are Great for Pet Shops!

Whether it’s for their advertising capabilities or other reasons, banners are absolutely wonderful for pet shops! You may not realize it but you can give your customers all of the information that they need for their pets right there and then-without having to say a word. But how can you do this?

Customizing Banners

This isn’t a hard task and you have quite a bit of license. You may not realize it, but you can do quite a bit in the way of customizing. Think of it this way-You only have to pick out what photos, text, and font you want. You don’t have to do anything but choose your options. The rest is waiting for your banners to get in! But what else can you customize on your banners?

Well, first of all is the size. Size is easy to decide-use what you need. For example, if you are planning a huge “Buy one pet, get 20 dollars of pet food free” extravaganza, then you would need a huge banner in order to accommodate it! However, if you were simply posting facts around the shop in order to help your customers, then it would be much, much simpler to use small banners.

You can also choose the type of banner you get. Maybe you aren’t into hanging banners and would prefer something a little bit more floor-friendly. In this case, you simply have to ask for an a-frame banner or something else of that nature.

With that in mind, you might be wondering-what kind of facts do you need to have posted?

Well, The Facts Are

You should mention what type of habitats each of your animals requires. Too many accidents have happened and poor pets have been harmed or killed because of improper habitats and the lack of safety. Make sure that you post quite clearly what habitats are right for each kind of animal. If there are any special habitats, make sure that they are clearly labeled for the animal that is supposed to live in them.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is any foods that absolutely should not be fed to certain animals. For example, fish cannot eat most berries without being poisoned. Cats and dogs are allergic to white and dark chocolate because of the theobromine contained within.

There are various other things that you should mention in your banners-what is entirely up to you!

Obtain Pet Shop Insurance

No matter what type of property you own, you should have it insured. If you are an owner of a pet shop it is unlikely that insurance which covers other retailers will be right for you. To remedy this it is advisable to invest in Pet Shop Insurance that is suitable for your particular requirements.

There are many risks and hazards which pet store owners may encounter that are very different from an ordinary retail environment. Theft or damage to any of your animals should be a major concern. Many animals that are for sale in a pet shop are extremely valuable; it would only take a few to be stolen for you to suffer a severe financial loss.

As a responsible owner, the animals are in your care. A customer could easily be bitten or clawed by the pets you have for sale, resulting in a compensation claim if you are deemed to have been negligent. Customer clothing and jewelery can also be damaged by pets or cages with sharp corners. Some Shop Insurance companies may be reluctant to offer insurance cover because of these unusual types of scenarios. However, there are companies online that will certainly compile an insurance package for you.

Online insurance brokers can provide and supply the perfect insurance policy to cover your pet store. Providing you supply them with an in-depth list of which kind of animals you have on your premises, then an insurance package can be worked out. If you are in a niche market, for instance selling exotic birds, fish or reptiles as well as other animals, then additional insurance cover may also be required.

Shopping for insurance can be a very tedious task, this is where experienced insurance brokers are always invaluable.

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What the Pet Shops Will Not Tell You About Betta Fish Care?

Betta fish are definitely a pleasant fish whether you put them in an aquarium or a bowl. Most pet shops possess a wide variety of these fishes in different colors. The question is do you know how to care for bettas? Are there any special needs for betta fish? This article will attempt to provide some answers to this question.

Betta fish care starts with water quality

Betta fish are freshwater fishes that will thrive in temperature from 24 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius. Although betta fish is a robust fish it is wise to keep an eye on the water to make sure that it is of optimal quality. Pet shops often claim that bettas will be able to live in small space because this is the way they live in the nature. Although this is true you will notice that nature has its own ways of doing things.
Keeping a betta in a bowl will mean that you should always on your guard concerning the water quality as waste materials will quickly degrade water quality. If you have a community aquarium at home you can use it without problem to keep one single male betta fish in it- This has the advantage of providing top water quality for your fish.

Aquarium size

Size of bowl or aquarium is not that important for bettas but if you can provide them with some space it should be better when it comes to swimming. Indeed size of aquarium will only make the difference between an active fish and a fish at a standstill.

The food

When it comes to food bettas are not very fussy. They will eat whatever you give them but as said before it will have a consequence on water quality. It is therefore advised to go for pellets food instead. Excess food should however be removed from the water These pellets will only dissolved in the water and degrade the water quality.

Betta fish is a great fish to keep at home. It is especially suited to children or novices that want to try their hands at fish keeping. Bettas in truth does not have any special requirements thus making it easy for beginners to keep it.