Here is the Way to Boom Your Pet Shop Biz and Build a Loyal Clientele

Pet Shop Biz is another online store that sells pet supplies to the public. It also offers an MLM program for anyone who wants to start up an online business, in which they can sell both retail and make money on overrides from the people they sponsor.

Sound familiar?

If you’ve joined Pet Shop Biz, you’re probably wondering just how you are going to make the money, you thought you would be making. After all, the pet ownership market is huge, and pets DO need to be fed and cared for, right? So how come you’re not seeing the profits the company said you would?

Your problem is not the company nor its product line. Both are excellent. The problem rests in the fact that if you are simply marketing your product line or the business opportunity, then you are offering absolutely NOTHING NEW. The public has heard it all before, and we’ve heard it DOZENS OF TIMES. To be honest, we’re rather bored with the sales pitch, and the more we hear it, the more we ignore it.

So, with that in mind, how do you get your product sold? How do you recruit a sales staff?

The answer is really very basic, but first you must realize that you have to stop listening to all that talk about promoting your business with classified ads, talking to strangers, pitching your friends and family, buying lists. Those strategies worked five years ago, but now they are as worthless as yesterday’s newspaper.

The truth of the matter is, people do NOT buy business opportunities nor do they blindly buy products that they see on the web. You can have the greatest opportunity or product, and people will ignore you, Why? Because they have absolutely NO reason to believe or trust you. Why should they? Do YOU believe what strangers tell you? If you don’t, how can you expect someone else to trust and believe you?

If you want to build your business, then you need to build your reputation as an expert in your field. Answer questions and solve problems that pet owners have. Rather than just trying to take their money, show them how they can better their pet’s lives and/or improve their relationship and enjoyment of their pet. More importantly, offer to help them FOR FREE!!

Stand apart from all those other guys, who just want to yank money out of their pockets. Become the expert that they seek out for solutions. When you build that reputation, you will find you will have more clients and associates than you ever dreamed possible.

This is one of the most powerful business practices you can institute, to boom your business. Sincerely help people and they will stay loyal to you.

See you at the top!

Considering Pet Shop Franchises As an Option for Security With Independence

In these troubled days it is so difficult to find employment, and when one does find it the wages are invariably low, the terms exploitative and job security effectively non-existent.

And why indeed should it be any different? When you have gainful employment there are thousands of people out there who would give their limbs to be in your position, a job being a job no matter how poor and shoddy the working environment. If you don’t like it, an interview with the Job Centre and a long, torturous struggle to convince the disinterested customer services person that you might be entitled to £65 each week for the next six months awaits you.

Under the circumstances there is considerably more dignity in self-employment. Being one’s own boss and enjoying exclusively all the fruits of one’s own labour might seem an attractive alternative. But with no finance available to assist you with the cost of starting up, and with your potential clients themselves all struggling just to pay for their essentials week by week you could be onto a hiding to nothing. If you don’t manage to sell anything then there will be no wage for you at the end of the week. You are very much on your own, and you must swim or else you will sink.

So perhaps in these times of hardship it would make better sense to consider the option of operating a franchise. In a good franchise set-up you will enjoy all the benefits of a support network from a professional company that knows how its business works, whilst retaining the independence to go at your own pace and to work in your own way.

Of course franchises themselves are by no means immune to the effects of recession and economic downturn, so when considering in which market you would like to work it is essential that one takes into account the product or service that is on offer and the extent to which it is protected against financial insecurity.

One area in which business can still be conducted is pet shop franchises. Most people who keep pets will treat them as a member of the family, and families don’t cast out their kin even when the going is tough. A business trading in pet supplies will still find new customers even at a time when they are cutting down on essentials such as heating and food.

Although such a franchise would normally operate along the lines of an online pet shop, dropshipping type of operation with goods and supplies centrally stored and processed, there are very often local retail options available as a supplement to your core income. Dog walking, dog food and indeed general food supplies to sell locally, for instance.

Because people will always look after their pets, there will always be an opening for pet shop franchises. They could in fact be one of the most reliable and stable sources of income in today’s jobs market.

The Pet Shop Boys and The Dream Of The Decade

The nostalgia for the 1980s continues in the UK as more TV programmes and books come out that either hark back to that turbulent time or chart their attenuation. Two cultural releases look set to endure, in particular: a novel and what at first seems a pop record.

Afshin Rattansi’s quartet about sex, finance, terrorism, property and the media is a tour de force. Much of it is set in the maelstrom that was the 1980s – when the Reagan-Thatcher model became entrenched and there was no longer any shame in saying you wanted to become a banker and make lots of money.

The Pet Shop Boys, a band formed by a journalist from the 1980s, had a hit with the ironic song “Let’s make lots of money” and it came out amidst a 1980s musical landscape dominated by Prince’s political album “Sign o’ The Times” and the highly political work of The Smiths and Elvis Costello. But the Pet Shop Boy’s catchy synth tunes were played by those who embraced the new capitalism. In their new album, “Fundamental” (
Parlophone, £12.99), Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe seem to draw on the work of “The Dream of the Decade – The London Novels” and evoke not only Afshin Rattansi’s 1980s but what came after as well.

The chord progressions and disco beats are instantly recognisable and the lines in the opener, Psychological, echo The Dream of the Decade’s characters with their asymmetric haircuts and eye make-up.

Just as the London Novels look at the conditions that spawned policies on regime change, immigration, ID cards and the politics of fear so do The Pet Shop Boys.

Incisive political comment – as well as humour – is what you find in the work of Afshin Rattansi as well as the Pet Shop Boys. The band’s songs, Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money), Shopping, Rent and King’s Cross have themes that dominate the lives of Dream’s characters.

Of course, when it comes to aiding change, The Pet Shop Boys work more as comfort aids for people who are engaged in it – whilst the loves and losses of Rattansi’s characters are undiluted by infectious poppy synth sounds.

The Independent said “the illusory contentments of bread and circuses, and the doomed, temporary nature of hedonist escape are again tackled in “Luna Park”, which manages to be at once celebratory and elegiac, with its references to how “on the shooting range the plastic prizes never change”. The youthful thrill of revolution is found wanting in comparison to the security of the familiar.” It all echoes Rattansi’s “The Dream of the Decade.”

Rattansi, worked for the BBC programme that exposed the deceit of the British government over nonexistent WMD in Iraq. The David Kelly affair and subsequent resignations of the Chairman and Director-General of the BBC find echoes so many years after the initial onslaught on Baghdad. The Pet Shop Boys were censored on the BBC’s Top of the Pops. A theatrical anti-war performance of their new hit “I’m With Stupid” was compulsorily altered. Three dancers with Bush masks and three with Blair masks werenot allowed. Instead, the British broadcaster insisted the band include other political leaders to make their stage show balanced, for fear of upsetting viewers.Masks depicting former US President Bill Clinton, UK Conservative Party leader David Cameron, Liberal Democrat leader Menzies Campbell and Russian President Vladimir Putin were subsequently added. Though Rattansi, in fairness, might have agreed with BBC pop producers, it’s a mark of the time that focused anger is not allowed on the cultural battlefield.

Starting a Tropical Freshwater Fish Aquarium, and Pet Shop Assistants

Hopefully you realize the utter importance of research prior to starting a tropical freshwater fish aquarium. No research means no success so it is mandatory, and while the internet and book research is the obvious place to start, don’t under estimate the pet shop assistants. They know quite a bit more than you might think.

When folks first get the idea that a fish aquarium may be just the sort of hobby they were looking for they usually haven’t thought about how exactly to make a start and what maintenance is involved throughout the life of the fish. The internet and books are indeed the first place most of us would carry out our research, myself included, but lots of folk have this idea that pet shop assistants don’t know that much at all.

Folks, let me tell you, that just isn’t true. The owners of most businesses want their customers properly informed of all products, maintenance and best practice. You’ll notice in a lot of pet stores that fish tanks normally take up all the wall space, in other words there are lots of them. Why? Because they’re very popular.

Now that being the case, the assistants need to know the ins and outs of how to start a freshwater fish aquarium and how to then maintain that aquarium You’ll be very surprised at how much knowledge they have and therefore how they can be a huge advantage to making your new hobby a success for life.

So listen up folks. Use the internet, books and magazines as most, if not all of us do, but don’t forget the pet shop assistants. By the way I am not one, but I do have lots of praise for their knowledge in the hobby of starting a freshwater fish aquarium and keeping it for life. Don’t be afraid to approach them for help that’s what they’re there for. So go on, use the internet and books but get that person to person information as well. You won’t go far wrong that’s for sure.