Pet Shop Insurance

Let’s be frank – insurance isn’t always the most interesting of subjects to talk and think about. Yet if you have a pet shop, without appropriate pet shop insurance, you may be running the risk of your business being wiped-out in a moment due to bad luck.

Once a disaster has struck is not usually the best time to start thinking about whether or not you need insurance, so a few minutes invested in advance is often highly advisable.

Risk – always present

So, why do you need insurance for a pet shop? You may feel that you and your business are immune from bad luck and that feeling may last – right up until your luck changes and a problem arises. The problem is that your business involves a potent mixture of risk elements. You have:

  • a business premises and customers or members of the public that use it;
  • possibly animals of various forms on the premises;
  • possibly employees or helpers;
  • perhaps equipment such as PCs and heaters;
  • stock and equipment.

People can fall or be otherwise injured. Natural disasters can strike at any time and your employees (in legal terms this may even include unpaid helpers that are not on a formal contract of employment) may sue you for compensation if they are injured while carrying out tasks at your request.

The effects

If you suffer a natural disaster to your premises (the external buildings may need separate cover) then the costs of replacement equipment etc may be very high. Similarly, if you are sued a court may well award very high levels of damages to the injured party.

In both cases, you’ll need to dig deep into your own finances to pay unless you have pet shop insurance in place to help.

The solutions

There are various business insurance policies that can be packaged together to provide you with the protection level you think most appropriate. These may include:

· public liability insurance;

· employers’ liability insurance;

· stock and equipment insurance.

The costs

The cost of pet shop insurance will vary depending upon the cover you select. Typically it will be possible to construct a package to meet your protection needs and within a budget that is affordable for you.

Always Pick Up Healthy and Happy Betta Fish From Pet Shops

You may be surprised to know that better fish available for sale in many pet shops is not cared properly and the fish sold to you may not be healthy. Well, the pet shop stocks many varieties and species of fish and the staff may not be aware of the maintenance requirements for all of them. So if you have decided to buy Betta fish, you should check a few things about them.

1. Check the color of the fish. Betta fish are available in many colors. In fact they are famous for their vibrant colors. So if you see a Betta fish in the shop in dull color, you should immediately avoid such fish.

2. Check carefully the aquarium where the fish is kept. Check the clarity of the water. Sometimes you may feel a bad smell to the water which may be because of a dead fish.

3. If the shop stocks Bettas of mixed colors, you should check the color-tones for their brightness.

4. Watch the fish for some time to observe their behavior. Usually Betta fish are active, moving swiftly all over the aquarium. They should float upright. If you see fish without much activity, it is either sleeping or is sick. You should speak to the staff of the pet shop and find out more.

5. Many times due to transportation and frequent changes in the surroundings, the fish is under stress. This is quite natural for any species of fish. However, with appropriate conditions of water, heat and lighting, they should come back to normal mood in a short time.

6. Look at the eyes of the fish. They should look clear. If the eyes are cloudy, that is an indication of bad health. Eyes which are bulging or look like sunken are also indications of sickness.

7. Look at the fins of the fish. They should be spread reasonably and should not be clamped together. If the fins are with some holes or with some tears, the fish may have some injury.

8. Find out more about the gills. The gills should be smooth. If they are looking stingy or red, you should avoid such fish. In fact such unusual gills may be due to the bad conditions of water around the fish.

9. The conditions of scales on important. The scales should always be smooth and flat. If they are loose or looking like peeling, it may be due to some skin disease.

10. Look at the belly of the fish. If it is bigger than usual, that is a sign of bloating. It may be due to a deadly disease called Dropsy.

11. The scales and the fins of the fish may look like falling away. This disease is called fish rot, which may be due to poor conditions of water.

12. Sometimes you find that the fish is coming frequently to the surface of the water for breathing. This is not an indication of good health. It may be due to shortage of oxygen in the water.

If you buy unhealthy fish, it may not live longer and you may be under stress due to its death! So be careful while bringing Betta fish at home.

Online Pet Shop Has Given the Animal Lovers a Reason To Smile

Animal lovers all across the globe can now rejoice gleefully. The animals they love and had always wanted to own can now be had in the easiest of manners. Technology that has been providing solutions to various problems has now once again given us a new reason to smile. The now all pervasive internet can now be used by the animal lovers to buy their favorite pets and those too at the most economical rates. All that is required is a click of the mouse and you can get to see the most beautiful pictures of your favorite animals. You can also listen to their voices and watch videos of them online.

All this has been made possible by the efforts of some people who can fathom the relationship between the humans and their pets. It is important that all the people who want to own some pets should get in touch with these people and be the proud owners of the animals that they love. Having somebody to love or be able to share your emotions is a desire of every human being. Animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, fishes or any other farm animals can be a great companion of man in this regard. The online pet shop can make sure that you get the animals you love easily as well as economically.

If you are a lover of cats then the online cat shop can help you in getting this animal that you love in the easiest of manners. If you are a lover of dogs then the online dog shop would help you in owning a dog easily. There are many people who love more than one animal. Even in such cases, the online pet shop can help you in getting your favorite animals. A click of the mouse and the push of a few keys would make sure that you get the pets you love quickly and efficiently.

Choosing an Online Pet Shop

For many people their pets are their best friends and spoiling them comes naturally. Buying their supplies, however, can be time consuming especially if you have fussy pets so it is handy if you can find an online pet shop that provides everything you need for your pets in one place. There are numerous pet shops on the internet though so how do you choose the right one for you?

The product range

Obviously you will want your online pet shop to stock all of the foods and accessories that your pet may need one day. So for example the site’s product range should include all of the following basic items.

o For dogs there should be a variety of dry foods and canned foods plus a selection of chews and other treats. There should also be an assortment of accessories such as dog beds, toys, leads and collars, and health remedies such as worming tablets, flea treatments and dog shampoo.

o The selection for cats should be generally the same with a variety of food options plus cat toys, bedding, cat litter and maybe even cat flaps and scratching posts. Again, you should also be able to find a range of cat health products as well.

o For birds, your chosen pet shop should stock everything you need to keep a bird within the home. This would include food for caged birds, the cages themselves, toys and other accessories. A good online pet shop will also stock food and feeders for wild birds in the garden.

o Small animals such as hamsters, Guinea pigs, gerbils and rabbits should also be catered for. These pets require small animal foods, cages, bedding, toys, treats and items such as flea treatments and shampoo. Again a good online pet shop will also stock products for rarer small animals such as ferrets, rats and even chinchillas.

o The aquatic section of your chosen online pet shop should list a range of items for indoor and outdoor fish and also reptiles. The range should include everything you need to keep both cold water and tropical fish plus the specialist equipment you may need to house the commonly kept reptiles.

Other things to consider

Finding a pet shop online that sells the products you need is only half the battle when it comes to choosing the one for you. You also need to consider things like the payment methods they accept and their delivery policies and charges. Some pet shops on the internet take up to ten days to deliver orders which can make life difficult if you have multiple pets to order for on different days of the month.

You might also want to look for an online pet shop that offers loyalty schemes to repeat customers especially if you order numerous times each month. Plus you can look for one that has ongoing special offers on popular items that you may buy quite frequently.


Choosing an online pet shop that offers all you need when you need it can take some time, however, once you do you’ll find life becomes much easier than when you had to travel to the local pet shop for your supplies