Are Pet Shop Owners Concerned About Animal Welfare?

Pet shop owners are forever on the lookout for more novel ways with which to make money. Because, in the end, they are only running a business and thus are not too concerned about imparting education to their buyers they just want more money, nine times out of ten. This is an unfortunate fact of life and so when you next go to a pet store for purchasing a pet, you should keep in mind that more often than not the pet shop owners will be interested only in getting your money. This will not be as concerned about teaching you about the best way to care for the pets that you are buying.

Thus, you should be aware that almost any other source for purchasing or obtaining a pet than a pet store would be a better choice. This is because though the pet shop owners will have done their best to decorate their stores windows with the most attractive looking items, more often than not the pets they are selling will have been sourced from puppy mills and thus will not be very well bred or reared.

The sad truth is that it is normal for them to not pay enough attention with regard to the welfare of the pets in their care, and so, these pets can easily become sick and also have welfare problems that will then be passed on to unsuspecting customers. In fact, this is evident when one considers that there are numerous instances of sick as well as neglected animals and even those in psychological distress being sold across the nation in many pet stores that in any case do not always have the best facilities to care for and house their wards.

What is more, because of the retail nature of these stores, the pets being sold are treated more as commodities than loving animals and to realize profits from their sales, pet shop owners are hardly likely to consider the finer points of caring for these animals, and may not even be willing to spend money on providing things such as veterinary care for their animals. As a matter of fact, in reality pet shop retailers are always being torn between conflicting responsibilities that include choosing between making profits and taking proper care of their animals.

Thus, when the pet shop owners have to choose between lower revenue and taking proper care of the animals in their care, it is very likely that the financial concerns will prove to be the overriding concern, and the only winner in such instances will be the bottom lines.

It is up to people that buy pets to ensure that they are satisfied that the pet store owners from whom they are considering obtaining their pets are sure that the pets are not treated just as merchandise to be sold for a profit, and in fact have been properly taken care of otherwise it is much better to avoid these stores and look for a decent breeder from whom to obtain your pet.