Always Pick Up Healthy and Happy Betta Fish From Pet Shops

You may be surprised to know that better fish available for sale in many pet shops is not cared properly and the fish sold to you may not be healthy. Well, the pet shop stocks many varieties and species of fish and the staff may not be aware of the maintenance requirements for all of them. So if you have decided to buy Betta fish, you should check a few things about them.

1. Check the color of the fish. Betta fish are available in many colors. In fact they are famous for their vibrant colors. So if you see a Betta fish in the shop in dull color, you should immediately avoid such fish.

2. Check carefully the aquarium where the fish is kept. Check the clarity of the water. Sometimes you may feel a bad smell to the water which may be because of a dead fish.

3. If the shop stocks Bettas of mixed colors, you should check the color-tones for their brightness.

4. Watch the fish for some time to observe their behavior. Usually Betta fish are active, moving swiftly all over the aquarium. They should float upright. If you see fish without much activity, it is either sleeping or is sick. You should speak to the staff of the pet shop and find out more.

5. Many times due to transportation and frequent changes in the surroundings, the fish is under stress. This is quite natural for any species of fish. However, with appropriate conditions of water, heat and lighting, they should come back to normal mood in a short time.

6. Look at the eyes of the fish. They should look clear. If the eyes are cloudy, that is an indication of bad health. Eyes which are bulging or look like sunken are also indications of sickness.

7. Look at the fins of the fish. They should be spread reasonably and should not be clamped together. If the fins are with some holes or with some tears, the fish may have some injury.

8. Find out more about the gills. The gills should be smooth. If they are looking stingy or red, you should avoid such fish. In fact such unusual gills may be due to the bad conditions of water around the fish.

9. The conditions of scales on important. The scales should always be smooth and flat. If they are loose or looking like peeling, it may be due to some skin disease.

10. Look at the belly of the fish. If it is bigger than usual, that is a sign of bloating. It may be due to a deadly disease called Dropsy.

11. The scales and the fins of the fish may look like falling away. This disease is called fish rot, which may be due to poor conditions of water.

12. Sometimes you find that the fish is coming frequently to the surface of the water for breathing. This is not an indication of good health. It may be due to shortage of oxygen in the water.

If you buy unhealthy fish, it may not live longer and you may be under stress due to its death! So be careful while bringing Betta fish at home.